5 key advantages of Yesim Business app
For many companies that practice numerous business trips all over the globe, one of the main concerns is probably to keep their workers online for a reasonable price. Surely, it's possible to use roaming, free WI-FI, and buy a local SIM. Though, what could be more stressful than big charges in roaming, endless hunt for free WI-FI, and hours spent by local SIM card analysis?

Although, there's a trouble-free and secure way to forget about these snags. Yesim Business is an app that helps you to control the workers' expenses during their business trips and at the same time provides them with a steady, secure, and cost-effective Internet connection. The app is based on the embedded SIM (eSIM) technology that made it possible to use the Internet and other services without a physical SIM card in the phone.

5 Yesim Business advantages

1. Easy expenses control

The design of Yesim Business app is simple and functional. 5 minutes will be more than enough to become an advanced app user! Here you'll get all the instruments to control your business. With Yesim you can:

supervise your staff members spendings;
detect users online;
set limits of Internet usage;
perform billing with a corporate card;
generate reports with one click.

2. VPN protection & mobile network security

Internet security is a big deal for companies. Though, their data become really vulnerable when an employee connects the corporate phone to multiple public networks during the business trip. Public WI-FI could not only harm your phone but also endanger confidential information. Providing a mobile network for your business Yesim app guarantees the highest web security standards. Due to VPN, your data will be encrypted and the connection speed will be significantly higher.

3. One-time connection

The main goal of Yesim company is to allow you to modernize and optimize your business. It helps you to spend minimum time on the travel Internet set-up. Once launched it will be ready for every next business trip. Just top up the attached corporate card and you are ready to go.

4. 126 countries available

The app is now available in 126 countries! It's absolutely no matter how many employees you have and where they are, the Yesim app still supports your business. The detailed country list you'll find here.

5. Saving opportunity

So, how exactly will your company save with Yesim? This app will cut down the work of accountants, administrators and minimize operational costs. Reports could be generated in one click rather than hours of payment orders processing! If you still doubt, calculate your future savings on https://b2b.yesim.app/.

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